Helpful Tips for Beginning Cyclists

There are millions of people, all around the country, who ride bikes. The number of people participating in this activity is going up all the time. With more and more people riding bikes on roads and trails, the tips here for beginner cyclists can help ensure they ride safer and better.

Always Wear Head Protection

Many people don’t realize that head injuries are the cause of almost 60 percent of all cycling related deaths each year. Quite a few of these fatalities could have been avoided completely, if the individual would have put on a helmet while biking. It is imperative for anyone riding a bike to wear a helmet and to make their kids do the same.

Avoid Pedaling in High Gear for Long Periods of Time

It is a good idea to try and keep the cadence between a rate of 70 and 90 rpms. If you pedal in high gear, it is going to put excessive strain on the rider’s knees.

Use the Bike’s Gears

When a cyclist begins to climb a hill, they should shift to a gear that keeps the cadence in the proper range of rpms so a person can make it up the hill easily. This will reduce the amount of stress that is put on the rider’s knees, as well.

Find the Right Bike Fit

It is important to have a bike set up so it fits the rider’s body. Doing this will ensure that riding is more efficient and easier. This will also help to reduce the amount of soreness and pain that the rider feels during and even after the ride.

Choose the Proper Saddle

Selecting the right saddle can make a huge difference when a person is riding. A person should not think that the thickest padding is going to provide the most comfortable ride. Longer seats with a cutout are typically the best options.

If a person is new to cycling, they should ensure that they use the tips here. It can help ensure that their ride is fun and pain-free. More information about cycling for newbies can be found by speaking with the staff from Davis Biking.